Is Digital Marketing a Good Career?

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career?

As a graduate or postgraduate student, you can explore the opportunities in marketing by taking undergraduate placements or internships. Digital marketing apprenticeships can give you the training you need to enter a role in this field. Work experience opportunities can also be gained in marketing departments or digital marketing agencies. To demonstrate your interest in this field, you can start to build your online presence or portfolio. Moreover, you can gain work experience in other marketing fields, such as publishing, design, advertising, and social media.

Lack of structure

The digital wave has swept the world, and the young generation is joining the fray. Many of these teenagers, up to age twenty-two, use social media. The ability to understand your target market, formulate a sensible strategy, and achieve dominance among your competition is what differentiates professional digital marketers from their competitors. The upside of this career path is the flexibility. Professional consultants can support different companies, start their own products, and sell themselves. The downside? Lack of structure.

Lack of actionable KPIs

To be actionable, KPIs need to have an impact on revenue. While this may seem obvious, it’s important to make sure that KPIs have a goal or a context. Without a target, the KPI is nothing more than a set of numbers without meaning. Moreover, the KPI must be linked to the business objectives in order to be actionable. Here are some suggestions to make KPIs actionable.

First, segment your audience. You may be focused on a particular channel for an E-commerce client, or on a more general audience for a general company. In either case, segmentation will help you determine if your KPI is relevant for your target audience. For example, you may use Facebook to track how many people visited a site, but that KPI does not impact revenue. It might simply be useful for determining which content to promote.

Second, set benchmarks. Knowing how much a click costs before it happens can help you make better decisions about your campaigns. Another example of actionable data is knowing how many women purchase the same product as men, or how many people in Nova Scotia are obsessed with seashell art. These types of information will help you determine how to tailor your campaigns and provide more actionable business insights. So, if you’re looking to start a career in digital marketing, be sure to start building a consistent monitoring program.

One of the most important KPIs in digital marketing is conversion rate per keyword. This is crucial for identifying high-quality leads, as ranking for irrelevant keywords won’t help your business. Another KPI is the rank increase of target keywords. Knowing how long it takes to rank for different keywords can help you gauge the effectiveness of various strategies. You should also measure how long your efforts took to get there.

Finally, having actionable KPIs can help you make better decisions. Without measuring your success, you’ll be left wondering how to measure your work. In digital marketing, you need to be tactical in choosing the right KPIs. Be careful to pick marketing KPIs that are relevant to your business objectives. In the end, consistency is the key. If you’re not tracking your campaigns, you won’t know which strategy works better.

Need to adapt to changing circumstances

Adaptability is a key competency that digital marketers need to master. Changes are constant, and in this industry, you need to have the ability to recognize and decode signals of change from the external environment. Then, you must be able to quickly react to refine or reinvent your business model. The same is true for your team members – you must be able to trust them and learn from them.


While many marketers are aware of the importance of working from home, it is often difficult to find flexible jobs, particularly senior-level jobs. Often, the word “flexibility” is not used in job ads, which makes it difficult to find someone who is looking for a part-time role. This is where clarity on flexibility is essential. Marketing professionals should also include details of salary expectations and location. It is unfair to ask a returning employee how much they expect to make based on their previous salary.

As a digital marketer, being flexible is critical. In today’s economy, businesses are experiencing a period of uncertainty as global pandemic fears have slowed economic activity. Increasingly, businesses need to find flexible solutions to reach consumers without breaking the bank. One such solution is digital marketing. As a result, this career path has a wide range of opportunities. Flexibility as a digital marketing career should be on your wish list!

Another benefit to flexibility in a digital marketing career is the freedom to choose your own schedule. Flexibility can be found in the fact that many jobs in the industry are freelance or in-office. In many cases, you can work from home as long as you have an Internet connection. Digital marketing is a rapidly-changing field, which makes it an ideal career for those who want freedom. This means that it is important to be flexible, but there is also a great deal of job security with this type of career.

Another benefit of being flexible in a digital marketing career is that it is flexible. While some professionals who have studied specializations in another field find it difficult to change direction, digital marketing is a very versatile field. Even those with no formal training may find a position they like and grow in their experience. You can build on the skills you already have and learn new ones on the job. With so many opportunities in this field, you’ll never be short of options.

Is Digital Marketing a Good Career?


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