How to Promote Your Page on Facebook

How to Promote Your Page on Facebook

Many people new to Internet marketing are often wondering how to promote your page on Facebook. Promoting a page on Facebook can be confusing for a lot of people but it doesn’t have to be. Of course, you could use other ways of marketing on Facebook as well but a lot of people choose Facebook because it is easier and quicker to set up. So, let us learn how to promote your page on Facebook.

First up, do not forget about your existing network. You most likely already have Facebook friends to support your page, so invite them all to like it! To do this on a PC, go to your Facebook home page. In the far right-hand corner, click on “igans” (notice the space above the word “igans”).

Once you are there, scroll down the page and click “Advertising”. On the following screen, click on the link “Like” or “Share” to promote your page. It really is that easy! Now, onto some more useful tips on how to promote your page on Facebook.

  • If you would like to encourage clicks, then include a link to something of interest to the users in your friend’s network. This way, they will click it just to see what your website has to offer them. If it is an interesting post, you could even encourage them to comment on it, or visit your Facebook profile to read more about it. It is also good if you are a funny person or a person with large social media networks whom a large amount of people find attractive. This way, you can attract more attention to what you have to say, which, in turn, will cause even more fans and followers to come flooding to your page.
  • A very effective method of how to promote your page on facebook is through the use of videos. It is not a necessity to have one uploaded, but doing so can be beneficial because of the potential exposure that it can give your page. Videos are known to hold people’s attention better than any other medium. People can scroll down a long time while viewing a video versus reading a long article. You may want to make sure that your video is brief and catchy, as well, so that people keep going back for more.
  • You can also use Facebook fan pages to how to promote your page on facebook. These pages will show up in the news feeds of your friends, as well, giving you even more exposure. Make sure that you include links to your page, so that your fans can visit it every time they log in. This will help to keep them posted about your updates, and keep them informed about what is happening with your business. You may also want to add comments on your fans’ pages, so that they too can get the latest updates about your business.
  • There are also several apps that you can download from the Apple store or the Google play store that can allow you to how to promote your page on facebook, quickly and easily. Many of these apps let you enter a certain code to get an image or video to show up in your status updates. The real star, however, is the news feed function that you will receive each time a guest posts a status update on your page. Through this feed, you can keep up with all of the changes that your followers are making in their profiles, and even check out what their latest blog post was!

These are just a few ideas on how to promote your page on facebook, if you feel as though you do not have a large fan base yet. While social networking will be around for many years to come, you should start today by creating a presence for your page. Facebook allows you to add not only pictures and videos, but also icons that let everyone know that you are alive and kicking it on Facebook. With just a bit of effort, you will soon find that you are one of the most popular people on the site, besides those that are actually linked to a brand or product!

How to Promote Your Page on Facebook


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