How to Get Your Business Noticed in Baidu Advertising

How to Get Your Business Noticed in Baidu Advertising

Baidu is one of the most popular search engines in the world. In addition to Baidu, many other sites and apps are a part of the Baidu Union. Advertisers can choose to display their ads on these sites and choose which ones are most relevant to their business. In terms of market share, Baidu has about 70%. While only a few other websites run ads on the platform, there are many more than 700 million users in China.

The first major method of advertising on Baidu is search ads. This involves placing image ads on relevant websites. Display ads are often referred to as remarketing because they appear based on previous searches. These ads are similar to those of Google and are managed in the same account. As a result, your advertising budget can be split between display and search ads. While search ads generate the highest number of clicks, display ads are more effective if placed on sites where potential customers are already browsing.

The next step is creating your advertisement. The process of advertising on Baidu takes a few weeks to a month, but it could be longer if your business falls in a sensitive industry. Chinese agencies can help with keyword research, ad flow and structure, landing pages, and images. They should take the time to understand your target audience and the type of products or services you provide. This way, they can make the most effective ad for you.

Although Baidu allows advertisers to submit URLs that contain relevant content, many advertisers find it frustrating. In addition to giving up control to an algorithm, they often run out of money too early. Advertisers don’t know when and where to show their ads with this method. The most effective time to display their ads will depend on the amount of money they are willing to spend. A Chinese agency will also help you choose keywords and list related content. Besides, they will also help you with the ad flow and image creation. In the end, they will ensure that your ad is highly targeted, which is one of the major benefits of this service.

The best way to create a successful ad is to optimize it for mobile users. The ads should be mobile-friendly and should contain appropriate images. It is important to use an optimized ad for mobile devices. In addition to using the right keywords, a business should also include the correct content and information. This is especially important for advertisers trying to target a larger audience. The most effective ad can help increase sales for its advertiser.

In the long run, it’s worth it to localize your ads instead of simply translating them. Chinese consumers don’t mind ads on their computers if they’re from a trusted brand. That’s why it’s so important to target your ads to these audiences. For example, a small advertisement may target only a specific audience. This is the best way to maximize your ad’s reach in the long run.

In addition to targeting users, you should also ensure that your ads are localized. If your website is in English, the ad copy should be translated into local. If you’re not familiar with Chinese, you can ask someone who speaks the language to translate and upload your ad for you. That way, the ad will be displayed to all the region users interested in the keywords. While there are many advantages to the ad-remarketing campaign, it may not be the best option for all your marketing efforts.

As with most other forms of advertising, Baidu advertising requires an account with the company’s APAC office. Its use is limited to a few sectors. However, it is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. There is no restriction on the number of advertisements on Baidu. For the rest, the ads must be categorized by topic. If a product is sold online, the ad must be localized. Regardless of the format, the ad must be localized to avoid being flagged as spam.

How to Get Your Business Noticed in Baidu Advertising


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